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Reformulated Heineken Light Introduces New Campaign & Packaging

added: July 22, 2014

To promote its newly reformulated Heineken Light, Heineken USA has launched the “Best Tasting Light” campaign featuring three-time Emmy award winner and Tony award winner and host, Neil Patrick Harris. The Heineken Light recipe still contains just 99 calories but now features the addition of cascade hops, commonly used in IPAs to create a fuller flavor, crisper aftertaste and a clean finish. Industry research revealed that 40% of 21-27 years olds prefer a fuller flavored [...] READ MORE »

Introducing Cafe De Paris Fruit-Flavored Premium Sparkling Wines From France

added: July 09, 2014

Just in time for summer entertaining, Pernod Ricard USA is launching a new line of sparkling wines, Cafe de Paris. “The imported sparkling wine category grew + 5.5% in 2013 driven by wines priced above $10, signaling a movement towards premiumization in the category. Even more interesting is that the French Sparkling wine category (excluding Champagne) is growing even faster at +28.2% in volume,” said Aygline Pechdo, Brand Director at Pernod Ricard USA, “Seeing this [...] READ MORE »

Senate Bill Would Give Liquor License Control to Cities & Towns

added: July 03, 2014

The Massachusetts Senate has approved an economic development bill that would eliminate the cap on liquor licenses statewide and set forth guidelines for cities and towns to control licensing on their own, rather than forcing them to petition the Legislature for new licenses. An amendment, adopted during debate, created a different set of rules for the city of Boston. The proposal gives power to cities and towns to make decisions about who receives liquor licenses, [...] READ MORE »



The One Beer

Article by: Andy Crouch - THE CRAFT BREWING revolution  has always been about one beer, a single experience that shatters decades of programming from big brewery advertising and changes the way people perceive beer.  No longer is beer a drink of last resort, something to settle for, a mere interchangeable widget easily replaced with another bland, lifeless bottle with a different label.  The craft brewing insurgency, part of a broader change in the way people think about the quality of [...] Read More »


Article by: Pink Lady - HIGH-PROOF SPIRITS are making the rounds at the local cocktail dens in our fair city: shots of overproof rum served with questionable judgment at last call, Navy strength gin making its way into martinis.  Building cocktails with these boozy potations presents an interesting challenge for bartenders who must muscle the proof into a drink that is sippably strong. We are particularly fond of the Last Word, a drink that employs green Chartreuse, a [...] Read More »


Article by: Brandy Rand - A DRINK WITH DONAL O’GALLACHOIRBrand Manager for Glendalough Irish WhiskeyIF YOU HAVE YET TO meet Donal O’Gallachoir, you soon will.  This Irish-born brand ambassador and self-described whiskey nerd is spreading the gospel of his country’s original spirit: poitín (pronounced “potcheen”).  He recently moved to Boston and is finding a home among the city’s many Irish bars and mixology-focused establishments.  With a fascinating history and decidedly unique flavor profile, poitín is capturing the interest of [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - Contrary to the general expectation that WHO, the World Health Organization, is imbued with objective medical science, once again it has issued a document, its world cancer report 2o14, that, in the section on alcohol, seems to me more a prohibitionistic, political polemic than dispassionate, professional and helpful.  This is very much a repeat performance of WHO’s sermon on alcohol and health (see this space november 2O11).Despite a still-amassing Everest of published evidence [...] Read More »

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