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Article By: Harvey Finkel, MD

HANGOVERS are mysterious.  Their engendering mechanisms and complex, intricate, unpleasant nature are largely unknown.  Prevention and cure have been more the province of speculation than science, of myth than medicine.  We are, accordingly, grateful for any small addition to our knowledge.  Here is one.

Danish researchers wondered whether the severity of a hangover was influenced by the age of the drinker.  Studying the experiences of 51,645 men and women, ages 18 through 94, they found the incidence of severe hangover lower among the older subjects.  For age groups 18 to 29, 3O to 39, 4O to 49, and 5O to 59, the chances of severe hangover after binge drinking were, respectively, 6.8, 4.8, 3.O, and 2.O times the incidence among those of 6O or more years.  The obvious possible explanations of differences in quantity and frequency of alcohol consumption and of the proportion drunk with food could be excluded.

One more mystery.  One more senior score.

REFERENCE Tolstrup JS, Stephens R, Grønbæk (2O13).  Does the Severity of Hangovers Decline with Age?  Survey of the Incidence of Hangover in Different Age Groups.  ALCOHOL CLIN EXP RES. doi:1O.1111/acer.12238.

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