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Endangered Cocktail


To help “breed raise, and release nearly extinct drinks into the wild” the ladies of LUPEC Boston have created the Endangered Cocktail of the Month series.  Each month they select a classic cocktail to revive, share a little background on (both here and on their blog), and supply the recipe for what they consider to be an outstanding version. Treat your patrons to this delicious cocktail or make one for yourself and spread the gospel of the Endangered Cocktail!

About LUPEC Founded in Pittsburgh in 2OO1, Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (aka LUPEC) is an all women’s classic cocktail society.

Their mission: “In a post-millenial world of beer and prepackaged Chex Mix™, LUPEC works tirelessly to breed, raise, and release cocktails that are endangered or even believed to be extinct.”  LUPEC seeks to: “invoke and honor the spirits of their Forebroads; continue the American tradition of dangerous women calling themselves Ladies and getting together in groups, clubs, and societies to work undercover while they chip away at the patriarchy; to protect the collective joie de vivre of their members by assuring them at least one good party a month; to encourage the accumulation and use of vintage serving and barware.”  LUPEC chapters now exist in several major cities across the country, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Denver, and Phoenix.

Founded in February 2OO7 by mixologist Misty Kalkofen and ten fellow cocktail enthusiasts, LUPEC Boston is the city’s first and only female-oriented cocktail society.  The ladies of LUPEC Boston meet once a month to sample delicious cocktail creations from a bygone era, and educate themselves about the important and nearly forgotten forebroads who sipped them.  In addition to their core mission, LUPEC Boston strives to enhance and improve the lives of Boston-area women through fundraising events for local women’s charities – having raised over $2O,OOO for local beneficiaries since its inception.  LUPEC Boston partners with local bars and liquor purveyors to offer co-ed classic cocktail parties and special events. For more information about what they’re mixing up around town visit

Butter+hot drinks is a tradition that dates back to the days of Henry the VIII, when buttered beer or ale was recommended as a remedy for hoarseness.  Where and when spirits entered the equation is unclear, and by the pre-Prohibition Golden Age of cocktails, most imbibers favored Hot Scotch as a winter warmer.  This recipe, by Jerry Thomas as channeled through David Wondrich in imbibe, was nevertheless enjoyed by the hot rum loyalists.  The recipe calls for Demerera-style rum, but we’re also fans of using Mount Gay Eclipse or its pricier older sibling, Mount Gay XO.

1 teaspoonful of sugar
2 ounces Demerera-style rum
1 teaspoonful of spices (allspice and cloves)
1 piece of butter as large as half of a chestnut
combine spirits, butter and spices with liquor in a coffee mug.
top with 3 to 4 ounces of boiling water.


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