Massachusetts Beverage Business



ATTENTION SENIOR CITIZENS if you're buying beer in Tennessee don't forget your ID - you can't buy without it. Tennessee recently became the first state in the nation to require universal carding, without exception, of anyone who buys beer for off-premises consumption. The Tennessee Responsible Vendor Act, designed to curb underage drinking, took effect in July. It will expire after one year to give lawmakers and vendors a chance to review its effectiveness. Oddly enough, the legislation does not apply to the sale of wine and liquor purchases or to beer sales at restaurants and bars. Although older customers who are obviously of legal age to buy beer could be put out by the requirement, officials hope they will cooperate with clerks. Many stores had already begun carding everyone buying beer. John Kelly, chief operating officer for Roadrunner Markets, implemented the policy last year. Carding everyone makes it less likely that a clerk mistakenly sell beer to someone who is underage, he said, and regular customers quickly got used to having to show an ID. Most now arrive at the counter with their identification in hand, even those with walkers.

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