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SOBIESKI VODKA reached its 2OO,OOO-case sales milestone since its US launch less than 12 months ago, announced Imperial Brands, Inc., the exclusive importer of Sobieski Vodka.  “Much of the initial credit for Sobieski’s success goes to our sales team and the first-class distributor network that we have put together,” said company CEO Chester Brandes.  “In this period of economic uncertainty, the timing is right for a brand like Sobieski, which offers real heritage and unparalleled quality at an affordable price.  There is no question that Sobieski is poised to reach its stated goal of 1 million cases in sales in five years.”

Sobieski Vodka was launched in the US in 2OO7 with its “Truth in Vodka” integrated marketing campaign that announced to vodka enthusiasts that they need not pay a king’s ransom for a premium quality vodka.  The campaign urged consumers to focus on what’s in the bottle, rather than on gimmicky marketing techniques and overpriced packaging.  This back-to-basics, anti-hype campaign, which initially targeted the beverage trade media as well as key influencers and tastemakers, will now target consumers more broadly.

“We are proud to have achieved such unprecedented sales success in the increasingly competitive vodka marketplace,” said Timo Sutinen, VP, Marketing and Business Development of Imperial Brands, Inc.  “Our ‘Truth in Vodka’ campaign clearly resonates with consumers and with critics alike and differentiates Sobieski from the competitive set.  Sobieski Vodka is all about outstanding quality and taste.  We will continue to spread the truth to an even wider audience and help them overthrow the tyranny of overpriced vodka!”

The Sobieski advertising campaign includes many provocative taglines; such as: “We Designed a Bottle to Suit the Spirit Inside.  Notice the Lack of La-Di-Da.”  “Sex May Sell, But It Has Nothing to Do with the Making of Great Vodka.”  “Who Needs Superdelegates? We’ve Got a Whole Country Behind Us.  The #1 Premium Vodka in Poland.” “The #1 Premium Vodka in Poland. Finally, an Endorsement that Matters.”

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