Massachusetts Beverage Business



LABEL ’EM WARNED The Alston Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force and Youth Coalition has launched a sticker shock campaign targeting adults in the community. The stickers placed on multi-packs of alcoholic beverages at liquor stores, remind adults that it is illegal to provide alcohol for people under 21. The  campaign is part of a cooperative effort between the Task Force, the Boston Police Department and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Youth involved in the project hope to raise awareness among adults who may be interested in providing alcohol to their underage peers. They are hoping this project will engage adults and get them to think twice.

The youth began the sticker shock campaign at Marty’s Liquors in Allston, and Hurleys and Walsh Wine & Spirits, both located in Brighton. Their plan was to soon bring it into other community liquor stores.

The Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force is a coalition of community agencies and residents which mobilizes youth, families, community members, and leaders to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth and adults in our community. The aims of the coalition are to educate community members, encourage alternative activities, provide resources and support, change community norms around substance abuse and to engage the community to effect positive change.

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