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The Patrick-Murray Administration has unveiled a new driver’s license and Massachusetts ID that, for the first time in over a decade, are actually being manufactured in Massachusetts. The cards include new security features that offer residents better protection against fraud and identity theft. “In keeping with Governor Patrick’s commitment to strengthening customer service throughout the transportation system, MassDOT’s Registry of Motor Vehicles designed a card with a new look that will protect residents better than ever,” said Registrar Rachel Kaprielian. “We also required the manufacturer to set up a printing facility in Massachusetts so we could support local jobs and ensure our customers will get their new cards quicker than they did in the past.” The new cards will be phased in over the five-year renewal period, so current driver’s licenses, IDs, commercial driver’s licenses, junior operator and under 21 licenses remain valid until they come up for renewal. Over the next year, the RMV is expected to send out approximately 1.4 million of the new cards. Among the new security measures that will help law enforcement, banks, retailers, and liquor establishments validate the cards is a perforated outline of Massachusetts that can be seen when held up to any light. Currently licenses are protected by multiple ghost images of the bearer’s image, a kinegram or metalized optical device and ultraviolet sensitive inks. Customers will also find it easier to change their address on the new cards. On the back of the card is a writeable area which will replace the need for a printed address sticker. L-1 Identity Solutions is manufacturing the cards at a secure facility the company set up in Massachusetts for quicker mail delivery. For the past six years, Massachusetts licenses have been produced in Washington State.

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