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When you get down to it, it’s always a good idea to stay away from flaming food and drinks. A recent fire that burned five patrons at Ozona Blue Grilling Co. in Florida was caused by a waiter who poured additional alcohol on a flaming dessert, according to an investigative report. The waiter, Ian Monsalvo, was preparing a double order of bananas Foster in the same pan, the report said. First, he added triple sec and some banana liquor to the dessert pan, but some of the liquid poured over the edge and flamed. “At this point Monsalvo added 151-proof rum and in his words, ‘it went off,’“ according to the report put together by Palm Harbor Fire Rescue. The sudden burst of flames “spread to the table and surrounding persons sitting at the table.” Nick Salzer, a chef at the restaurant who had undergone some training to become a firefighter, remembered seeing Monsalvo preparing the dessert. He said he saw the fire go back into the bottle of rum and create an explosion of fire, the report said. One person suffered first and second degree burns while the rest were more minor.

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