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Could it be that the more wine you drink the healthier you are? Seems too good to be true! According to a surprising new French study, people who drink up to half a bottle of wine a day were healthier than teetotalers. This is because those who consume three glasses of wine a day tend to take more exercise, have a higher social status and suffer from less stress, according to researchers. A team from the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris studied almost 15O,OOO people and found those who enjoyed low or moderate intake of alcohol were fitter than those who never touched a drop or drank to excess. The participants – 97,4O6 men and 52,367 women – were split into five groups including no alcohol consumption, low alcohol consumption (less than one glass a day), moderate drinkers (between one and three glasses a day), heavy drinkers (more than three glasses), and former drinkers who now abstained. The analysis showed that those who drank moderately were more likely to have lower cardiovascular disease risk, heart rate, stress, depression, and body mass index. They also scored higher on health measures such as respiratory function and physical activity. Among women, similar trends were seen in moderate drinkers who had lower blood pressure and waist circumference, according to the findings published in the european journal of clinical nutrition.
The study also found that the low and moderate groups of both males and females displayed “a more favorable health status than the groups that never drunk or drunk large amounts”. For both genders, alcohol intake was strongly associated with increased concentrations of “good” cholesterol, known as HDL (high density lipoprotein), in the blood. But it could not be shown that the influence of alcohol on HDL had a cardio-protective effect and the researchers warned these results cannot yet be taken as evidence of alcohol staving off heart disease. Study author Dr. Boris Hansel, said: “Importantly, the findings showed moderate alcohol consumption is a powerful general indicator of optimal social status and this could be a key reason for improved health in these subjects.” Cheers to your health!

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