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On Monday November 17 some very special people in the foodservice industry were honored as Hall of Fame recipients at the 19th Annual Massachusetts Hospitality Hall of Fame Awards Dinner sponsored by the National Restaurant Association (NRA).  This dinner has been held for the last 19 years honoring those individuals who have exhibited extraordinary dedication to the hospitality industry in Massachusetts.  It was established by the people in the foodservice industry to give recognition to their peers.
Bob Rubin and his brother Ted Rubin, of Ruby Wines, Inc., were two of the 2OO8 Hall of Fame recipients.  Ruby Wines was founded in 1921 by Samuel Rubin and his son, Irving.  The business began as a syrup and soda business and featured such familiar soda as Ruby Root Beer.  However, due to the limited sugar supply during World War II, the Rubins were forced to give up the business.  In 1933, after the end of Prohibition, Ruby Wines was reborn.  Irving’s sons Ted and Bob joined Ruby Wines in the 196Os after graduating college and helped to grow the business.  Today, Ted is President of Ruby Wines, Inc. and Bob is Vice President and CFO.
“It is both a privilege and honor to be recognized by the Massachusetts Restaurant Association,” said Bob Rubin.  “I am proud to be a member, and support its dedication within the restaurant community.”

“I am deeply honored to be inducted into the Massachusetts Restaurant Association Hall of Fame,” Ted Rubin said.

“Everyone knows that family businesses are not easy.  Bob and Ted Rubin represent an example of how it should be done.  They have worked together in building one of the most respected businesses in the industry.  Their commitments do not end with their families.  They both ‘get it’ when it comes to their employees and their customers,” said MRA President and CEO Peter Christie.  “They are very well respected and have built a corporate culture of caring.  They support countless charities and nonprofit organizations.  They are true leaders and belong in our ‘Hall of Fame’.”

Bob is currently a member of the Chaine des Roisters and Ordre de Mondail.  Additionally, he is a member of the Everett C. Benton Lodge of Free Masonry and served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Restaurant Association for four terms.  Ted is the founding member of the Guild of Oenopholists, the organization that created the Boston Wine Expo.  He is also a member of the Chaine des Roisters and Ordre de Mondail.  Other 2OO8 Hall of Fame winners included Robert Murray of Café Escadrille, Steve DiFillippo of Davio’s and Alvila and Brian McLaughlin, founder of D’Angelo’s.

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