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Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands has announced that Andy Berk a member of the Executive Management Committee and President and Chief Executive Officer of Constellation Services, will retire effective May 31.  As part of the transition, Berk will stay on as a consultant for one year, and will continue to serve on Crown Imports’ board of directors and participate in Constellation’s Executive Management Committee.  Berk joined Barton Incorporated in 199O as President and Chief Operating Officer, and continued in that role after Barton merged with Constellation Brands in 1993.  He was named President and CEO of Barton Incorporated in 1998 and appointed CEO of Constellation Beers and Spirits in 2OO3.  In addition to his work with Constellation, Berk has been active in various industry trade associations, including an almost three-year stint as chairman of Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and managing director of The Century Council.St. Supery winery’s first and only CEO, Michaela Rodeno, is retiring.  President Emma Swain, who joined the winery in March as part of this succession plan, will take over as chief.  Michaela will remain the only non-family member of the board of directors and will do US and international ambassador travel for St. Supery.

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