Massachusetts Beverage Business



MARK FISHER has been appointed President, Corporate Sales and Marketing.   In this newly created role, Fisher will have direct responsibility for all Massachusetts sales and marketing activities, as well as the management of supplier relationships in all markets.  All Sales Vice Presidents in Massachusetts will report to him.  Additionally, Fisher will be the Company’s principal representative on matters of regional sales and marketing in its New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont business, as well as in its partnership with Rhode Island Distributing, LLC.

Also at Martignetti, PETER COLETTIS has been named Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing Operations.  In his new role, Peter will strengthen the collaboration between both departments, and will ensure that the Company’s internal resources are aligned to support the successful execution of its sales strategies.  In this capacity, he will work closely with the Company’s IT Department, Purchasing/Pricing, Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service, Warehouse and Delivery, Human Resources, and Graphic Arts to achieve a fully integrated sales operation.  He will continue his involvement in labor relations and collective bargaining matters.

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