Massachusetts Beverage Business



FRANCISCO CARRERA-JUSTIZ and THEODORE “TAD” WALKER have been elected to serve on the Company’s16-member board of directors.  Carrera-Justiz served on the board as an alternate director from 2OO2 to 2OO3.  He is a director of Private Banking at Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC, prior to which he was Vice President, Private Banking from 1999 to 2OO6.  From 199O to 1999 he worked at JP Morgan Chase N.A. in New York, Geneva and Miami, and was Vice President, International Private Bank from 1994 to 1999.  Tad Walker served on the board of directors as an alternate director in 2OO2 and 2OO3, and has 25 years experience in the reinsurance and insurance industry.  He is President and Chief Executive Officer of PartnerRe US and is a member of the PartnerRe executive committee – he’s been with PartnerRe since 2OO2.  Walker worked for Bacardi International Limited for ten years, first as risk manager and then managing insurance investments.

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