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She may be an octogenarian but she’s still going strong. American sex therapist and TV personality Dr. Ruth Westheimer has launched a line of low-alcohol wines to help couples “relax”. Vin d’Amour Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon contain just 6% alcohol, compared to the average 12.5%, along with Westheimer’s iconic face on the label. “My idea is that just the right amount of alcohol will awaken your senses and arouse you,” the 83-year-old Holocaust survivor told the New York Post. “I’m always saying couples should drink to relax, but not too much . . .”
The wines, made from grapes grown in California, will go on sale in New York grocery stores and delis in early July priced at $7.99 to $9.99 per bottle, with a portion of the profits going to the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Gilt, a high-end Manhattan restaurant in the New York Palace Hotel, will also stock her Cabernet Sauvignon. “A little bit of alcohol is welcome as it makes people not only relax, but communicate better,” Westheimer told the Post. “They will talk about their feelings, their hopes and their dreams easier than without alcohol, because there is less censure,” she added. The pint-sized German-born octogenarian, who has 56,5OO Twitter followers, has also launched a lingerie line, a book – Sexually Speaking, and Dr. Ruth popcorn. Old age, what old age?

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