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MORE PEOPLE ARE ENJOYING WINE than ever before – in their homes, at parties and when dining out. Worldwide wine consumption has increased each year since 2OO2, and is expected to increase by 3O million cases by 2O1O. That’s a lot of grapes! As further proof of its growing popularity, at one point, recently, wine surpassed beer and spirits as the alcoholic beverage of choice for Americans who drink.

Wine Wise is by Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith and Michael A. Weiss, professors of wine studies at The Culinary Institute of America. With more than 17 years experience, this team of experts gives a thorough introduction to the different styles, flavors and costs associated with wine varietals. Ten chapters representing major wine-making regions provide comprehensive information about appellations, top producers, native grapes, and understanding labels. Along the way, they offer insight into the winemaking process as well as insider tips on pairing wine with food. Novices and oenophiles alike will take away a heightened understanding of wine and will feel confident identifying flavors and selecting the best bottle from restaurant wine lists. The book covers great wines at all price points, and includes a chapter on “Bargains” that highlights the greatest inexpensive wines from around the world. Each author weighs in with their top picks, representing every category of wine.

With color photographs and maps throughout, Wine Wise will make exploring wine a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Avaible this September in hardcover  for $29.95.

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