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DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP for the French 2OO8 vintage – France’s two main newspapers have condemned the it saying poor weather has jeopardized the quality of the harvest across the country. In articles published in November, both le monde and le figaro painted a grim picture of the 2OO8 wines, the latter saying they “promised neither quality nor quantity”. Equally negative, le monde said its readers “should not expect answers [from winemakers] when all the conditions that go in to making a great vintage do not come together”. The newspaper added: “In the most difficult years, we are reminded that nothing is decided, that sun at the end of September and the first half of October can still correct the situation – this is the case in 2OO8.”
The paper said that Bordeaux would be neither “mythical” nor “atypical” but “simply classic”. Talking of the elevated levels of rainfall in Burgundy, le monde also claimed that there were strong rumors in the region that, for organic and biodynamic growers, the vintage would “barely exist”. Franck Crouzet, of negociant giant Castel Freres, told le figaro the harvest had been “extremely difficult”. The newspaper, which last year compared the 2OO6 vintage with that of 1982, also highlighted poor sales figures at the annual Foires aux Vins wine promotions in French supermarkets. In terms of quantity, only Champagne and Alsace are set to report an increase in production.

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