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BRANCOTT THE NEW ZEALAND WINERY that introduced the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc style to the world, is celebrating the release of its 3Oth vintage, which is expected on shelves this October. In the early 197Os, when Brancott introduced Sauvignon Blanc grapes to Marlborough, the region was known for its sheep farms and fruit trees. The first vineyards planted, Brancott and Fairhall, were in what turned out to be the perfect location for growing grapes. Marlborough is the sunniest part of New Zealand, but the area’s proximity to snow-capped mountain peaks causes sharp temperature drops at night. This high diurnal temperature variation locks in unusually high levels of acidity, without compromising flavor development. The resulting wines, now available in 3O countries, are known for their light body and crisp acidity, with full tropical and green fruit intensity. Brancott’s current portfolio combines the latest, refined vintages of the early benchmark wines with bold new wines that showcase subtle variations between and even within regions. The Brancott Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Reserve and Letter series have been joined by the Terroir Series, a trio of limited release wines that showcase the influence of terroir on a single varietal.
Over the last thirty years, Brancott’s wines have won many accolades including: the ‘Marquis de Goulaine trophy for Best Sauvignon Blanc’ at the International Wine and Spirits Competition; an ‘Intervin International Award for Wine Achievement’ in 1991; and the ‘White Winemaker of the Year Award’ at the London International Wine Competition, earned by Chief Winemaker Jeff Clarke in 1999. Celebrations are planned throughout the year in New Zealand to mark this pivotal vintage, including the unveiling of a special commemorative monument at the iconic Brancott Estate Vineyard in Blenheim.

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