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Burgundy 2OO9 is truly fine but certainly is not divine

Rein in the 2OO9 vintage euphoria. After initial jubilation, Burgundy producers are scaling back a bit and predicting that 2OO9 will be a great vintage, but not a classic like 2OO5. Winemakers throughout the region are excited by 2OO9’s high levels of ripeness, the health of the grapes, and the promising acidity and balance. The grapes have lower acid levels than in 2OO5, but high sugar and intense flavors. It will be a ‘perfumed, exotic vintage’, one winemaker said. However, vintners are cautioning that, unlike 2OO5, ripeness was not uniform and that some grapes may have been picked early, with the risk of not achieving phenolic ripeness. Though it may not be an all-time classic, it is still anticipated to be an extremely good vintage.

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