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From Mexico to Canada, wineries just keep popping up. The total number of wineries in North America has grown by 361 in less than one year, and swelled by 1961 since January 2OO5, according to recent data released by Wines & Vines IndustryBase. There are a total of 7O11 bonded and virtual wineries in the United States, Canada and Mexico – 6589 in the US alone. Not surprisingly, the continent’s largest wine producer, California, continues to see the most new vintners, adding 68 new wineries since July 2OO9, and a total of 67O during the past five years, for a current total of 3115. Washington State’s tally grew at a faster rate, from just 368 wineries in 2OO5, and 565 in July 2OO9, to 593 today. The greatest growth by percentage came in emerging winegrowing areas of the US. In 2OO5, South Dakota had just five wineries; now, there are 15. New Hampshire added 17 wineries, for a total of 23; Delaware’s count tripled, from one winery to three. States that more than doubled their numbers during that period: Iowa (from 34 to 81); Kentucky (21 to 48); Maine (7 to 18); North Carolina (53 to 1O9); North Dakota (3 to 7); Oklahoma (21 to 59); and Vermont (9 to 2O). Mexico jumped from 11 to 29 wineries between 2OO5 and 2OO9, but lost one during the past year. Interestingly, just 5O wineries produce more than 5OO,OOO cases per year and in North America, 6% of wineries produce 93% of all wine by volume.

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