Massachusetts Beverage Business



A beer, a hot dog and an afternoon at Fenway Park – it doesn’t get any better than that. Or does it? . . . Beer could be seeing some competition from wine as American stadiums go up market and increase their beverage offerings. Major League Baseball parks in the United States have been expanding their cuisine, offering not just hot dogs and hamburgers, but Dungeness crab and sushi to the general admissions crowd. “I’ve known people in the wine business who would go to sporting events and drink beer, because they wouldn’t drink the wine. Now, they don’t have to,” said John Sergi of Centerplate, a hospitality company, that paired the stadiums with retailers of top quality wines. “What’s the point of having all this great food and not having good wine?” Sergi said, referring to food at the stadium from some of New York’s finest chefs. Boston’s Fenway Park has also upped its wine game, with various red blends and Chardonnay from Napa Valley. But not all baseball fans are happy with the changes. Considering the cost of a glass of wine at a stadium, many who tried the wines say they are not impressed.

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