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A new wine brand has been launched that combines the grape variety and website address in its name.  Called, it includes a Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa and the concept is designed to highlight environmental issues using the digital medium.  The brand was created by Thys Louw from the Diemersdal Wine Estate, who wanted to create a label to encourage his own generation to preserve the earth’s resources.  He said, “We have created a unique vehicle for spreading the word about all things good and green.  My aim is to build a strong online community of green advocates to reach out to others who share the same values and of course a love of great wine.”  The first releases are a 1OO% Sauvignon Blanc 2O11 and a 1OO% Cabernet Sauvignon.  The tagline on the website is “Go Green, Think Red”.  Louw’s goal is to develop to become a pan-national brand.  “It is a wine without borders, wherever I find great Sauvignon Blanc – whether locally or abroad – I will be able to produce wine under this label,” he said.  The wine’s packaging emphasizes the brand’s digital connections with pixels incorporated into the leaf on the label, as well as the capsule, which is topped with a USB sign.  The back label includes a network connection and motherboard motif in the shape of Africa.  It is not yet available in the US but for more information just visit

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