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As long as there has been red wine there have been thirsty people waiting for it to breathe.  Of course, this always seems to take forever and can feel like you’re watching paint dry.  From magnets to funnel devices, the last decade has seen any number of products hit the market claiming to aerate wine instantly.  While most of them are forgettable, the Nicholas Collection VinOair actually works.  Designed like a speed pourer with a long, sleek spout, the aerator fits snugly into the neck of the bottle and allows air to circulate with the wine while pouring.  It also acts as a drip catcher.  VinOair works best on wines that require significant aerating time.  And because it’s portable it’s perfect for members of the trade to take to wine tastings.  tip To get the full effect from the aerator, tip the bottle completely upside down while pouring to force the air through.  In addition to speeding up the process, it’s a great conversation piece!  The company also has a VinOair Premier version which features a black chrome gravity hinge that opens and closes with the pouring of the wine.  Suggested retail for the aerators ranges from $15 to $2O for the Nicholas VinOair to $28 for the Premier.  For more information go to or or email

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