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 When it comes to labeling on alcohol, there’s always controversy and sulphites are no exception. In 2OO9 the European Commission implemented mandatory registration of sulphite use and it has been hotly contested by growers’ organizations ever since. After three years of lobbying by European wine growers, who claimed the measure was disproportionate, inefficient and inapplicable, the Commission backtracked and is putting an end to the registration policy. The new ruling recognizes the need to reduce administrative burdens and admits that, because sulphites are added at different stages of wine production, the final content does not tally with the amount of sulphites indicated. “Our small enterprises of independent wine growers are particularly penalized by the burden of red tape and administrative tasks,” said Thomas Montaigne, chairman of European growers’ organization CEVI. Montaigne said that growers’ agreed with the need for traceability but not to spiraling administrative requirements.

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