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IT’S A MATCH made in heaven and enough to make Homer Simpson drool.  Frozen Pints is a beer ice cream that comes in seven different flavors.  Peach Lambic is the weakest at 1 percent, while Pumpkin Ale at 3.2 percent is the strongest ice cream on offer.  Each special portion of ice cream comes in a 454ml tub and costs about $7.  Founder Ari Fleischer from New York said the quirky concept actually started by accident: “We were having a party and a friend brought over an ice cream maker to make homemade ice cream.  But another friend spilled a beer nearby, and I watched it happen and thought, ‘this is a great idea!’  I’m passionate about craft beer, and love ice cream, so I picked it up as a hobby and started experimenting with different flavor combinations.  We start with the beers first and then build a flavor around them.”  Because of its alcoholic content, you have to be of legal age to purchase a tub of the ice cream.  Fleischer added, “The amount of alcohol varies by flavor – it depends on the content in the beer, as well as how much beer is added to the mix.”  But don’t expect to get tipsy.  One pint of Frozen Pints ice cream is equal to one pint of beer so you would have to eat an awful lot of ice cream to get drunk.

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