Massachusetts Beverage Business



FEW THINGS IN LIFE go together as well as pizza and beer. But what if you could have a pizza-flavored beer? Chicago real estate broker Tom Seefurth accidentally invented pizza beer last year while practicing his home brewing. On a whim he added some tomatoes, oregano, garlic, and basil to the mix and hence pizza beer was born. Though it may sound like a gimmick that would only appeal to college kids, the pizza brew is turning into a successful business venture. In May, Seefurth reached an agreement with Walter Payton's Roundhouse restaurant in Illinois to serve Mamma Mia Pizza Beer there until the supply runs out. The beer already has won two local home-brewing awards and landed Seefurth on a New York food television show. Though Seefurth sees pizza beer as a culinary beverage, meant to be paired which different types of food, he often feels the need to explain his concept to skeptics, even posting responses online to derisive bloggers. "People thought we took a bottle of beer and shoved a piece of pizza in it," he said. The pizza beer is served in a 1O-ounce wine glass for $4 and tastes of oregano, onions and tomatoes. And of course, it is meant to be enjoyed with pizza and pasta. While it's only available in Chicago now, if the beer's success keeps up maybe we'll get a taste out here on the East Coast. Homer Simpson would be so happy.

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