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WHO’S YOUR DADDY! Anheuser-Busch has been selected as a 2OO8 Fatherhood Award winner by the National Fatherhood Initiative. The company was nominated for its “Daddy’s Girl” television commercial that encourages parents and other adults to be parents, not pushovers, when it comes to preventing underage drinking.
Inaugurated in 1998, the Fatherhood Awards are presented each year to individuals, corporations and organizations that make a substantial contribution to strengthening involved, responsible and committed fatherhood in their work or personal lives.
“As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our children right from wrong and respect for the law,” said Carol Clark, vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility at Anheuser-Busch. “We’re proud and honored NFI has recognized the important message this ad delivers, reminding parents of the positive power they have in helping their teens make good decisions.”
The 3O-second commercial begins by showcasing the classic scenario of how “Daddy’s Girl” can get her way with her father by smiling sweetly and saying “please” throughout her childhood. First it’s begging for a puppy, then it’s “1O more minutes ’til bedtime”. Next she’s asking for two dresses instead of one, all to which Daddy acquiesces. But when, as a teen, she asks Dad to buy alcohol for her and her friends for a weekend party, the answer is a calm, but emphatic, “Absolutely not”. To view the ad, visit
The 2OO8 Fatherhood Awards will be presented at the 11th Annual Fatherhood Awards Gala in Washington, DC. Past Fatherhood Award winners include actors James Earl Jones, Tom Selleck and Stephen Collins; renowned authors, Stephen R. Covey and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach; country music superstars Tim McGraw and Buddy Jewell; multi-platinum recording group Lonestar; Grammy-nominated smooth jazz artists Dave and Jeff Koz; NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly; Olympic gold medalist and former NBA All-Star Allan Houston; Johnson & Johnson, IBM, KPMG, and Chevrolet.

The National Fatherhood Initiative works in every sector and at every level of society to engage fathers in the lives of their children. NFI’s national public service advertising campaign has generated television, radio, print, Internet, and outdoor advertising valued at more than $487 million. Through its resource center, FatherSource, NFI offers a wide range of resources to assist fathers and organizations interested in reaching and supporting fathers. For more information visit

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