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THE WORLD BREWING ACADEMY has a new Master Brewer Program. This 2O-week English-language program offers in-depth advanced-level training for professional brewers conducted at the campus of Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich. Combining a balanced mix of brewing technical theory and fully-supervised practical activities the program is the only international brewing program of its kind. A new 8-week Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques Course, when added to the flagship 12-week International Diploma in Brewing Technology program, forms the new WBA Master Brewer Program. The program builds on the foundation of understanding gained from the Diploma Program by immersing students in weeks of hands-on brewing, packaging, lab work and other activities common to breweries throughout the globe.

The full 2O-week course starts with intense brewing theory instruction at the Siebel Institute of Technology facility in Chicago. This 6-week program (also called the Associate in Brewing Technology Program) is comprised of three modules: Raw Materials and Wort Production, Beer Production and Quality Control and Packaging and Process Technology. This brewing theory segment is followed by the 2-day Business of Brewing course and 3-day Technical Case Studies course, giving students analytical and decision-making tools. At the end of these seven weeks in Chicago, students travel to Europe to put their knowledge to work at Doemens Academy in the 3-week Applied Brewing Techniques, giving them hands-on practical experience in brewing, lab work, packaging and other areas of production and quality management. While under the supervision of trained, experienced educators, students put into practice all the brewing theory learned while in the Chicago modules as they produce beer on the commercial-level brewing system at Doemens, testing and assessing the product throughout each phase of production until it is finished and packaged. Following this, students conclude the Diploma Program with the 2-week European Brewing Study Tour which takes students behind-the-scenes of brewing industry manufacturers/suppliers and breweries large and small throughout Europe, giving them valuable insight as to how brewing technologies are utilized in a variety of real-world environments.

After completing the Diploma Program, students on the Master Brewer Program attend the Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques course to complete their studies. Held once yearly in Munich, students in this module gain extensive practical knowledge by working in practically every area of the brewery while under the supervision of the experienced Doemens Academy instructional team. Over the 8-week duration of the course, students participate in activities dealing in every area of malting, brewing, lab work, packaging and more. For additional information including upcoming dates, tuition fees and registration information on the WBA Master Brewer Program visit

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