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COORS LITE is in the TOP 3

CALL IT SIBLING RIVALRY? Coors Light has passed Miller Lite to become the #3 bestselling beer in the US behind Bud Light and Budweiser. The milwaukee journal sentinel reported that: “Miller Lite’s sales last year totaled 17.7 million barrels, down from 18.35 million in 2OO7. Meanwhile, Coors Light’s sales increased 2.6%, to 17.75 million barr  Coors Light and Miller Lite belong to MillerCoors. Coors passing Miller is somewhat ironic given that the two beers are meant to be complementing each other, not competing with one another. When MillerCoors was formed, executives said the two beers could both grow and wouldn’t push each other out of the way. It appears that there’s quite a shoving match going on.

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