Massachusetts Beverage Business



Just when you thought the beers coming out of extreme brewing company BrewDog couldn’t get any stranger comes a new release: Royal Virility Performance, a beer that’s made with “herbal viagra”. Beer enthusiasts will recall that last summer BrewDog released a 55% ABV Belgian ale called The End of History with the bottles sold inside of dead animals that had been taxidermied. The real shocker? The price tag of $765 a bottle. By comparison, Royal Virility Performance, which was created in honor of the recent Royal wedding, is essentially a basic beer – aside from the viagra part it’s a mere 7.5% ABV India Pale Ale. The herbal viagra (along with two other aphrodisiacs: chocolate and goat weed), however, drives up the price; one 12-ounce bottle of the beer is priced at £1O (US $16.55). BrewDog reportedly even sent several bottles to Prince William for his wedding night. Just 4O bottles of the beer were produced initially, and went on sale the day of the Royal Wedding at All the proceeds went to the charity Centrepoint, which Prince William supports. Three bottles is purportedly the equivalent to taking one pill of Viagra. However, purchases were limited to one per customer due to the powerful effect. Depending on the success of the beer, the company plans to continue production. The proof will be in the performance, as it were.

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