Massachusetts Beverage Business



DeKuyper has a new approach to segmenting their liqueurs category – it’s organizing its portfolio of products into five families in an effort to simplify the category and the consumer shopping experience.  Research indicated that consumers categorize cordials based on usage.  As a result, DeKuyper has organized its nearly 6O products into flavor and usage-based families to make it easier for consumers to shop the category and retailers to stock their shelves.  The new families, DeKuyper Luscious, DeKuyper Burst, DeKuyper Pucker, DeKuyper Signature and DeKuyper Flavored Brandy, are based on flavor profile and whether the liqueur is used as a mixer, sipper, shot or after-dinner drink.  New product packaging and merchandising that reflects each family will support the re-positioning of DeKuyper into the product families.   New packaging will be introduced and will be supported by significant merchandising efforts to help retailers organize the entire liqueur aisle.  In addition, DeKuyper will utilize trade advertising to increase awareness of the five families.  The DeKuyper website,, will also be refreshed to accompany the family launch. 

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