Massachusetts Beverage Business



The p.i.n.k.Spirits Company has launched the world’s first, ultra-premium imported Tequila, Rum, White Whiskey, Sake and Gin all of which are infused with flavorless caffeine and guarana, with no added sugar, color, carbohydrates, or preservatives. Every 1½ ounces contains the equivalent intensity of approximately a half of cup of coffee. The suggested retail cost is between $30 and $45.

The tequila is 8O proof, 1OO% estate grown Blue Weber Agave. Triple distilled, produced and bottled in Guadalajara, Mexico by La Cofradia. The rum is 8O proof, white rum, imported from Holland, distilled from the finest black strap sugarcane molasses. The recipe contains a blend of 3-to-5 year ultra-premium aged rums from the Caribbean. The white corn whiskey is 8O proof, clear whiskey, imported from Holland, made from 1OO% corn. This smooth, unaged whiskey is produced in single batches and copper pot distilled. The sake is imported Honjozo Sake, produced by the family owned Artesian Sake distillery in Nishinomiya, Japan. It is made from small batches of fermented rice, which is pressed, filtered, blended, and pasteurized once. The gin is 8O-proof London dry gin, imported from Holland. Produced in England using a single column copper still, this smooth gin contains internal dishes of juniper berries, lemon zest, cucumber, heather, lilac, violets, and cardoon.

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