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New from Click Wine Group, High Note is an Argentinean Malbec from the Vista del Sur Winery in Uco Valley, Mendoza. On the palate, the wine displays flavors of blackberries, plums, and black cherries with a touch of spice. It has a rich, deep violet color, smooth velvety texture, soft tannins and long, silky finish.  Vista del Sur is the only winery to produce all of its Malbec exclusively in small tronco-conic tanks.  Unlike traditional tanks, the tops of the tronco-conic tanks are tapered and smaller in diameter than the bottom.  This unique shape compresses grape skins in the cap (grape solids like stems, seeds, and skins) and increases space for the cap and juice to mix during fermentation and maceration.  The result is a higher extraction of Malbec’s soft tannins and more flavorful concentration and velvety texture in the finished wine.  Retail price is $12.99.

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