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The Other Wine and Spirits Company introduces its rosé wine line consisting of Chamarré Selection Grenache-Shiraz, Veuve Moisans Rosé and Gancia’s P. Rosé Oltrepó Pavese.  Chamarré’s rosé wine is a blend of Grenache and Shiraz from Corsica, the “Isle of Beauty” in the South of France.  Each brings its own expression to the final blend: Shiraz brings freshness and structure, while Grenache brings fruitiness and elegance.  This particular wine pours a peachy-pink color.  The wine expresses a vivid and intense smell of berry fruits.  On the palate this wine releases raspberry and strawberry flavors, combining hints of spices and aniseed with a citrus finale.  Veuve Moisans Rosé fine sparkling wine has a unique character derived from a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley.  Its lively qualities are the result of a 3 month aging process.  The Gancia’s P. Rosé is a sparkling wine that is produced with Pinot Noir grapes, cultivated in the South-West slopes of the Oltrepó Pavese hills.  Rosé with slight golden tones in color, the P. Rosé has a fresh, delicate aroma with hints of rose and cherry.

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