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Massachusetts Beverage Business



Aguirre Tequila Imports is poised to put out a new range of boutique tequilas that are hand-made from beginning to end, from the harvesting of the blue agave to the fermentation to the distillation to the crafting of the artisan blown angel shaped bottles to the one piece natural cork and glass stopper, topped by a chromed halo. The tequilas are crafted from 1OO% Blue Weber Agave grown in the nutrient-rich red soil of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico, double distilled and aged in American White Oak barrels. With the Angel Blanco, though there is no aging involved. The Angel Bentito Anejo is aged for a minimum of two years for a complex and rich wooden taste. The Angel Reposado is matured for nine to twelve months in small batch American White Oak barrels for smooth body and flavor. The formal US launch will be early fall, supported by a series of print ads and promotions through involvement in charitable golf tournaments.

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