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This new release from Martell is a double distillation of the clearest of eau-de-vie a combination of the four finest growths – Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, and Borderies – and a lengthy maturation in fine-grain oak barrels.  The Cognac is encased in a hand-blown teardrop-shaped decanter made of Cristal de Sevres.  L’Or is a blending of several hundred eau-de-vie, some of which have aged for over a century in the house’s cellars.  These secret cellars, rechristened the “Chai Jean Martell” or Jean Martell Cellars, hold exceptionally rare spirits, some dating back to 183O.  The liquid itself has an amber color with hints of mahogany.  The nose holds aromas of fruited candy, sweet spices and gingerbread created by the unique blend of Borderies and Grand Champagne growths.  On the palate, the attack is silky smooth and subtle moving towards the richer more substantial flavors of orange peel, prune and gingerbread.
The finish is long and elegant.  12O bottles are available in the US with a suggested retail price of $36OO per bottle.  Available from United Liquors.

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