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Oxley Classic English Dry Gin
This new ultra-premium gin combines a unique distillation process with traditional handcrafted English gin-making methods.  The Cold Distillation technique, with temperatures at approximately -5ºC, preserves the natural essences of its ingredients, providing a fresh, bright and intense tasting gin.  Each of its 14 botanical ingredients is prepared, weighed and measured by hand.  Unlike other gins which typically use dried peels, Oxley uses fresh citrus fruits.  Juniper berries release overly strong pine notes when exposed to prolonged heat.  Through the use of sub-zero distillation temperatures, the problem is overcome and subtler aspects of the berries’ taste are retained.  The final key ingredient is the English herb Meadowsweet, which is rare to gins, but also complementary and beneficial for Cold Distilled gin.  Meadowsweet brings in a rounded, almond flavor.  Retail is $5O.  Available from Horizon Beverage.

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