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is a new free app that connects Smartphone users to location-targeted offers created by local businesses.  The app enables the user to pull up a map which shows all businesses within 5O miles of their current location that are featuring some type of immediate offer.  All deals can be redeemed on the spot by flashing one’s phone to the cashier.  Peekaboo eliminates obligations to participate in group buying, scavenger hunts and “check-ins”.  The mobile app provides business owners with a simple, affordable way to attract new customers, drive sales and increase brand awareness.  Benefits the app offers to bars include: an alert to users about last minute or short term deals to encourage impulse purchases; deals can be switched out at any time; only attracting people that are in that area – less worry about one-time customers who never come back.  Through recent partnerships with other mobile apps like Where and Cardstar, Peekaboo has expanded their consumer reach to over 5O million users.  They recently added a new “push” promotion opportunity giving businesses the ability to send deals to Peekaboo users via their phone.  Users can opt-in to be alerted about various deals from specific businesses or by selecting a specific category of interest.  Business owners can sign up via and interested users can download the app on their phone via the website.

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