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is a new free app from the Bordeaux Wine Council.  After downloading, users can search for information from their mobile phone, iPad or computer on Bordeaux wines by either photographing the wine label, barcode or QR code, or by simply searching specific chateau names.  After searching for a specific wine, users will have access to a range of information including: appellation, ratings, history of the estate or brand, characteristics of the soils, winemaking process, tasting notes, photos, and videos.  Users are also protected against fake Bordeaux wines through provided authentication and warnings of misleading wine labels.  The application endorses Bordeaux as a brand and makes the wines more readily accessible to consumers.  Smart Bordeaux also helps promote tourism to the region with information regarding visiting chateaus such as: local accommodations, event facilities and languages spoken.  Facts about the winegrowing region, its history, the appellations, and wine tasting tips are also included.  Bordeaux winegrowers and wine merchants are responsible for contributing content to the app and are able to keep pages updated with current information.  Updates to Smart Bordeaux coming this year will include: availability of the application to Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile users, and a search by voice recognition feature – after opening the application, users will simply have to say the name of the chateau or brand.  The app is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

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