Massachusetts Beverage Business


Named for Master Distiller Harlen Davis Wheatley(HDW) and the Roman numerals denoting the number of times it was distilled (159), this vodka is now available.  Using soft red winter wheat, plump rye yellow dent distiller’s grade corn and distiller’s malted barley, combined with a limestone-rich supply of water, the distilling team began the process of cooking, fermenting and distilling from an original 28,4OO gallons of mash, dividing them down and   over a period of twelve months, resulting in 159 distillations, 332 gallons and 2OOO bottles of vodka.  Before the last bottling took place, the final product rested in a cool and dark stainless steel tank for 12 more months.  The entire project took ten years.  On the nose, the vodka is reminiscent of nectar.  Smooth and elegant, it finishes quickly and cleanly.  Packaged in a 75Oml crystal decanter and wooden box, suggested retail is $299.  It is a one-time limited edition.

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