Massachusetts Beverage Business



Southern Comfort is running “Lingo Cops” – a national TV and online video campaign to support the Southern Comfort and Cola call drink.  After conducting a crowd-sourcing assignment, the “Lingo Cops” campaign was selected.  People submitted commercials through Poptent (, an online community of creative videographers looking to have their ideas and work adopted by major brands and organizations.  The assignment asked creators to put together a 3O-second spot messaging “Southern Comfort & Cola” to consumers.  RezFX, a three-person production group conceived and developed three parallel “Lingo Cops” spots to get consumer input on a new drink name for Southern Comfort & Cola.  The first will air on TV, asking viewers to check out Facebook.  The national television buy will include commercials on ESPN, TBS, FX, NBC Sports Network, Comedy Central along with the first ever network TV airing for Southern Comfort on late night programs.  Two versions of the commercial will air, one messaging Southern Comfort and Cola while another will message Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry, a new product launching this summer from Southern Comfort.

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