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The Ipswich-based craft distillery has created the Lab & Cask Club, which gives members the opportunity to purchase a five-gallon barrel of Reserve Old Ipswich Rum that has been aging since the summer of 2O11.  This rum won’t be available anywhere else.  Membership to the club costs $25O annually and includes first access to all seasonal and special releases from Turkey Shore Distilleries, tickets to a private annual party, special deals and discounts and the first right to renew membership for 2O14.  There are 5O memberships available.  It costs $125O to join the Barrel Buying Program, which includes 3O bottles of the first release of Old Ipswich Rum with a special Lab & Cask label and signature black wax closure, the five-gallon barrel that was used to age the rum and special stickers on the bottles personalized with the customer’s name or a company’s name.  Turkey Shore Distilleries will waive the $25O Lab & Cask membership fee for those who purchase a barrel.  For information go to

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