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Massachusetts Beverage Business



THE BREWERS ASSOCIATION has a new website dedicated to seasonal beer releases:
This site is unique to most beer websites in that all postings come directly from the breweries themselves.  Seasonal beers and special release beers can come and go in a cyclical fashion but can also be a one-time release.  The site lists seasonal beers in a database that is searchable by state and season.  Normally information on seasonal beers is hard to find (as the majority of seasonals are produced by small, independent craft brewers and most of these brands are not distributed out of the state in which they are produced).  Thus, the site is a great resource, and it is the largest seasonal beer database on the internet.  The website also offers the brewery’s suggestion on what food to pair with their seasonal.  The site overviews beer and food pairing rules, and some recipes are provided.

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