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PERNOD RICARD USA is rolling out a series of video messages as part of an effort to broaden the reach of its Accept Responsibility campaign a public service initiative to increase awareness of responsible drinking.  The campaign was launched in August 2OO7 to address three critical beverage alcohol issues: drunk driving, underage consumption and binge drinking.  Since the campaign’s inception, Accept Responsibility messages have been featured in national newspapers and magazines, as well as in public service announcements.  The campaign encourages individuals to accept responsibility for their decisions by highlighting common excuses used to justify irresponsible alcohol consumption.  The new online messages have been placed on such websites as MySpace, Facebook, iVillage, and Veoh.  The messages will be hyperlinked back to the Accept Responsibility homepage –  In conjunction with the new messages, Pernod Ricard has debuted an interactive feature on the website called The Wheel of Excuses.  Users will be able to spin the wheel, and when it lands on an excuse, a video recreates a scenario in which the excuse is often made.

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