Massachusetts Beverage Business


“Live with Chivalry”

Chivas Regal is running “Live with Chivalry” an advertising campaign that celebrates the concepts of masculine brotherhood, honor and integrity.  An independent international consumer lifestyle survey was conducted by London-based, global research agency BrainJuicer to explore the values of chivalry on behalf of Chivas Brothers.  Of the nearly 3OOO respondents from 17 countries, 71% agree with Chivas Regal that they would have a better quality of life if everyone around them adopted more chivalrous behavior.  95% of men and women respondents said they find chivalrous qualities attractive in the opposite sex and ranked intelligence, loyalty, confidence, and honor as traits that most represent their sense of masculine chivalry.  The campaign debuted on ESPN to a national audience tuning in to watch Major League Baseball’s opening night.  The 3O and 6O second “Live with Chivalry” ads will air in local markets during late night talk shows including June 1 in New York, Chicago and Dallas when Conan O’Brien takes over as host of The Tonight Show, on locally televised ESPN baseball games and on spot cable and financial programs through June.

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