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has partnered with Reef Check an international non-profit organization dedicated to monitoring, protecting and rehabilitating reefs worldwide.  To raise awareness of Reef Check and help advance its mission, Malibu is kicking off two dedicated ultimate beach programs.  The brand is first unveiling a limited-edition Reef Check-inspired bottle and will make a charitable contribution to the organization.  The iconic white bottle has been given a festive makeover with colors of the Caribbean to reflect the energy of the Reef Check partnership and vibrancy of reef life.  The specially designed bottle is a tool to educate consumers about Reef Check and the work the organization is doing to promote worldwide reef health.  Furthermore, Malibu will make a considerable contribution to Reef Check in support of this initiative. Suggested retail price is $12.99.    Malibu Rum is available from Horizon Beverage Company and United Liquors.

Malibu is also offering consumers the opportunity to apply for one of ten internships established to help monitor coral reef health.  Individuals who are of legal drinking age may apply to the first-ever Malibu Beach Internship.  Applications are being accepted through August 31, 2OO9, and are available online at  The applicants who convey the most creativity, enthusiasm and character will be selected as finalists, and will be sent on a 1O-day assignment to a Malibu-sponsored eco-adventure with Reef Check to an exotic location, such as Thailand, the Philippines or the Maldives.  Participants will chart their progress via blog posts and social networking sites about conducting Reef Check surveys, take part in training sessions and become certified Malibu Reef Check EcoDivers.  Through various social networking applications, Malibu hopes that the Beach Interns will help to virally spread the word and enlist others to raise awareness of coral reef health.

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