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On October 8 from 2 to 7pm at the Westin Hotel in Waltham, nineteen of the state’s premium independent small wholesalers will feature over 1OOO wineries, domains and estates from around the world at the “First Annual Freedom Wine Tasting”. This event provides an excellent opportunity for buyers looking for quality, great pricing on reasonable quantities, and a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors while making superior margins. The group chose the name “Freedom Wine Tasting” to express to retailers and restaurateurs that they have the option of working with the many small wholesalers in the state who understand their needs to increase margins, control costs and increase cash flow in this challenging business environment. There is no doubt that the majority of retailers will sell more bottles this year. The problem is that many will see their margins shrink simply because they are too heavily invested in brands with low margins and have too few products in the mix that they can promote and put into their customers’ hands. Be prepared to meet other small business people, to taste incredible products and most importantly, to discuss how to make your business thrive in these challenging economic times. For more information, contact David.H.Elkins@comcast,net.

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Atlantic Importing Company
Baystate Wine Company
Cape Cod Wholesale
Charles River Wine Company
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