Massachusetts Beverage Business



has debuted a new TV commercial: “Anthem”.  Created by six real-life artistic installations, this film, shot by Rupert Sanders, is both a literal and metaphorical manifestation of the brand’s ethos – In An Absolut World, Doing Things Differently Leads to Something Exceptional.  Every vignette in the film – each presenting a piece of that anthemic statement – is an artistic installation in and of itself.  At six different locations a crew of artisans have created large-scale displays out of ice blocks, wheat, two-thousand hanging Absolut bottles, flying lanterns, gigantic balloons and a myriad of glass cylinders.  Each piece forms a word and is crafted to tell its part of the story – from the iconic shape of the bottle to the Swedish winter wheat distilled.  Thirty-second spots will air on national cable shows including ESPN, Comedy Central and FX; broadcast in key markets on the season premiere of shows including The Mentalist, CSI Miami and thegoodwife; digital media including Youtube, Hulu and; and national consumer and trade print in publications including people, gq, maxim, sports illustrated and playboy.  In addition to the 3O-second spot, there is a 6O-second long-form commercial and seven making-of films, showing the installations coming to life.  The original films and the B-roll are all available at the Absolut Facebook page: and at

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