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JAMESON IRISH WHISKEY is running its first-ever TV advertising campaign in the US.  The campaign focuses on tall tales of John Jameson and the passion he had for his whiskey.  The spot takes place in 1781, with John Jameson on a ship transporting barrels of his whiskey.   When a fierce storm causes one of his barrels to fall overboard, John Jameson defies nature and the sea to dive in after it.   After weeks pass and he is presumed dead by all of Ireland, Jameson suddenly emerges from the sea – his precious barrel of whiskey on his shoulder.  The campaign will run on national cable TV channels such as ESPN, TBS, FX, and Spike, among others.  The schedule includes an integrated TV and internet sponsorship with Comedy Central focusing on the Daily Show and The Colbert Report.  The effort will be supported with national print, internet, radio, and out-of-home advertising.

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