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Jägermeister has redesigned its website, which hosts the brand’s first-ever online store and one of the industry’s only social media newsrooms – and respectively.  The interactive site is centered on the iconic green bottle, which transforms into various Jägermeister facets and takes the user through explorative navigation.  The website is presented in a “3D like” environment, and features the legends behind the mysterious Jägermeister recipe and history, information on the brand’s latest music tour and local events, explores rows of cocktail variations and more.  Developed as part of an international online presence, the new store will offer to consumers of legal drinking age apparel and accessories.  Jägermeister plans to continually evolve the store and products offered based on consumer demand, seasonality and new innovations, such as the new 6-bottle shot cooler.  The site now offers its very own online newsroom replete with social bookmarking quick links, online news releases, a RSS feed and brand videos and photography.

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