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DOS EQUIS has launched the first in a new series of creative designed around its “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign that will include national television, print, radio, out-of-home, and digital media.  The TV campaign is headlined by two 3O-second spots, the first of which takes the Most Interesting Man from ice fishing in the Arctic to a fortuitous rendezvous on a train to a sheer cliff feeding orphaned birds.  The spots feature lines such as: “He wouldn’t be afraid to show his feminine side, if he had one” and “His mother has a tattoo that reads Son”.  A supporting cast of five 15 second “wisdom” spots will also run throughout the rotation.  The two new spots share his opinion about Manscaping (“I have no idea what this is.”) and Lady Luck (“Be wary of a woman who only shows up when you are winning.”).  The brand is also introducing a new format designed specifically for the digital space.  Two 15 second spots will track the Most Interesting Man through the Amazon jungle and to mountain hot springs with snow monkeys.  There are also four new executions in the out-of-home space where the creative will include the end line “Stay Thirsty My Friend” and will also provide the Most Interesting Man’s advice such as: “The bulk of your life should be off the record” and “Cheating is only in good taste when it involves death”.  In the print space, Dos Equis is launching with placements in targeted local publications that feature the Most Interesting Man’s take on Making an Exit (“People should be happier to see you arrive than when they see you go.”).  Rounding out the marketing mix is a local radio campaign.  Adult consumers can visit to receive advice, commentary and read about the Most Interesting Man’s past experiences.  Fans can also experience the Most Interesting Academy activities, which enlist leaders in various fields to give consumers lessons on how to lead more interesting lives.  The Dos Equis Facebook page, with over 18O,OOO fans, will feature new applications and content.

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